"Tristo è quel discepolo che non avanza il suo maestro."

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| CREATIVE DIRECTOR Digital, Film & Games

Animation & Film

I am a digital producer with a passion for great storytelling and motion pictures. With a lot of experience in production lead and art direction from storyboard to postproduction. 3D or live-action.

Brand & Campaign

Being an art director & producer for nearly 18 years, I worked for some major brands and developed campaigns and multimedia content. In ecommerce, apps and games.

Design & Art

I am skilled at various forms of classic art from red chalk to painting and sculpting. Photoshop is my basic digital tool for 20 years.


It's all about light, color & composition. And passion. A lot of passion.

"Poor is the pupil that does not surpass his master." 


One of my favorite quotes by Leonardo DaVinci and a perfect phrase reflecting my appetite to improve my skills, reflect & invent. Probably I could not surpass him in any specific or the genius technical inventions he made. But when I look back I would say El Maestro inspired me a lot. My interests are as versatile as his were. I am curious about nearly anything new & interesting crossing my way. From art to science. From nature to technique. Some might call it a "wandering mind". But I simply call it "life with passion and the willingness to view beyond the horizon".






Our Matte Painting Studio, a division of the MPG media production group, is specialized in concept and postproduction technics for feature film, games, television and commercials. Check it out!

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| About Me

19 years of creativity

My name is Fabian Dittmann from Hamburg, Germany.
I studied multimedia arts and worked as an art director & management assistant in it-systems from 2001 - being responsible for some great global brands and personalities in the following 16 years.

In 2006 I founded my first company - an advertising agency and film production, developed some shows & concepts for web&tv and released a few games.

Within the last 10 years I built up some startup companies including a games&app studio, a dog food supplement production and internet portals.

Until today my first enterprise flourished to an international agency network with versatile divisions from artist management to music & digital media productions.


In 2015 I released "Mara Das Kartenspiel" - a fantasy card game published by Heidelberger Spieleverlag/ Asmodee.

Mara und der Feuerbringer - Das Kartenspiel - Ein Spiel von Fabian Dittmann



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    Fabian Dittmann

    Entrepreneur | Creative Director Digital & Film


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